Daisy Chain

Today Farm Girl went missing. One moment, she was sitting at the table soliloquizing about how awesome Saturn is with its moons and rings and molten rock core, the next all was silent. Now, one of the first lessons I learnt on our settling here is that yelling is fruitless. I spent the first few weeks bellowing myself hoarse trying to locate the whereabouts of my fellow Homesteaders before concluding that, if you want to find out where someone is, you need to go for a walk.

Whilst mildly frustrated initially (totally misplaced as it turns out, she had announced her intended destination before departing and she has witnesses), it turns out a Homestead hike was exactly what I needed.

Today I say thanks…

For the joy Geraldine gets from a Camellia treat, our United Nations of chicken breeds and their payment for board and lodgings.

September days warm enough to eat a late lunch with the door open and a Homestead large enough The Goat Herd doesn’t care that the windows are open while she re-hones and rehearses.


The first baby to be born on the Homestead; Mother and son well, Aunts maintaining a respectful distance.

A well thought out windbreak, a proper outbuilding, a pretty view, and the promise of a crop (even if it has to be caged to protect it from the rabbits).

I eventually found her


making a daisy chain in the goat paddock


Blessings duly counted.

16 thoughts on “Daisy Chain

  1. Lovely pictures, and I’m so glad FG lured you out for a camera stroll. Love the one of Geraldine with her flower. Incidentally, that was my musical instrument of choice back in my high school band days – my moment of glory was when I was delegated to do the fanfare solo (written for trumpet needless to say) in a school rendition of “It’s Cool in the Furnace”. It sounded just as you would expect it to sound… not trumpet like….refresh my memory of the names of the sheep? That brown mama’s name? Does the lamb have a name or is it Lamb Chop?

    • The Goat Herd has also done her share of trumpet/sax/trombone subbing or transposong violin on the spot. Clarinet is a very cool instrument😊
      I was glad I got to wander around too although my soddy phone photos leave a bit to be desired.
      Mama sheep is Eleanor, big aunt is Sapphire, other is Froda. Lamb will remain unnamed as hes a bloke. We’re set on giving a Shakespeare life…short but merry.

  2. Sorry you had a momentary fright but thanks for taking us on a walk round your policies, all very interesting. What a lovely place you live in if sometimes tricky to locate your family.

  3. This is absolutely beautiful. It’s useless for me to holler for FarmerMan. His hearing isn’t all that great these days, and he has a multitude of projects he’s either working on or planning. I put on my hat to ward off the sun, and the dogs and I begin our quest. It takes me almost forty-five minutes to make the rounds that could be done in five. We stop and watch butterflies, examine new ant hills, discover another branch that fell during the last storm, and enjoy the clouds that billow and race in the sky.

  4. Hi, Although today has been one of winter chill, we have had some beautiful spring weather when north facing doors and windows can be left open.
    I think Farm Girl is relishing the freedom the expanded homestead is providing.

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