Sage Words – Give or Take

The Homestead is reeling this week.

We’ve had some sad news,  in fact the worst, and we are aching for a wonderful family who so totally get what we’re doing here and are so similar to us in heart.

There are no right words when it comes down to it, but Farm Girl’s chosen ones weren’t wrong.


Then she sweetened our world, as she is so apt to do, with a plateful of Banana Chocolate Chip Butterfly Muffins (a styley dish of her own invention).


Aroha to all; Spread the love.

12 thoughts on “Sage Words – Give or Take

  1. I’m so sorry you and your “kith” (as Anne Shirley might also have said) are dealing with grief. No right words, but your tag “whanau” seems like a pretty good one in the circumstances. Also, chocolate always helps. Aroha.

  2. Hi, I didn’t hit the ‘like’ button as sadness pervades this post. I am sorry life has been a struggle in recent times. I hope next time you eat Farm Girl’s butterfly chocolate chip muffins, life will be a lot rosier. Good luck for the future.

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