Looking for a Timelord

Cardiff is an awesome place. It’s a massive melting pot of different cultures, vibrant, noisy, fun-loving and, underpinning everything, so incredibly proud. We loved it here but we make no secret of our reason for visiting:

Very selfishly, the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff closed it doors a couple of weeks before we arrived, but we meerly shrugged and planned our own.

First off was Dunraven Bay, Southerndown, aka Bad Wolf Bay and primarily place of the heart-wrenching Rose and Doctor farewell (sob!).Β DSCF5937.JPG

We’re used to having a bit more room to move in, and being a lot more noisier than paid for accommodation allows so we all loved being able to run, play, laugh and shriek on the beach.


What a beautiful place!


We were totally unprepared for the beautiful Dunraven Walled Gardens, just a short huff-and-puff up the hill.


Where figs, apples, and vegetables (as well as flowers, but you know how our priorities lie) flourish despite the howling sea breezes.


A few ideas gathered for The Homestead (because Dunraven’s onshore gale makes the New Brighton Easterly seem a playful zephyr), we headed for Cardiff:

Before heading out to Mermaid Quay, where lots of the Dr Who outdoor scenes are shot.

before finishing up at another well known haunt of the good Doctor for coffee and waffles


Cardiff, we love you. We know you are much much more than a place for the Doctor to park his TARDIS …


but, just quietly, we think we found it.


16 thoughts on “Looking for a Timelord

  1. We went to a wedding in Cardiff last year but didn’t have time to look about us. Lovely photos, especially the ones at Dunraven Bay. I’m so pleased you’re all having fun!

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