Blist Hills

One wet, cold Sunday a couple of years ago, with tempers fraying and a mountain of ironing to conquer, I did the unthinkable and turned on the TV. That action set in motion our visit to Blist Hills Victorian Village.  Victorian Pharmacy had us hooked! 

It was one of those places that had something for everyone.


In one of those marvelous twists of fate, we ended up in the village on the day they were casting at the foundry.


So, sucking on lemon bon bons from the sweetshop, we watched the entire process from pouring


to cooling, to knocking out the molds.


We took a train ride back in time to a clay mine. Farm Girl shuddered at the thought that Queen Victoria actually instigated a law making it illegal for children under the age of 10 to work in the mine. We rode the chairoplane and the swinging boats, met Jack the Clydesdale, and our resident engineer analysed all the machinery.


And last of all we visited the pharmacy.

What an awesome day out in Victoria’s England.

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