Shake(speare), Break(down)…and Family to the Rescue

We took a day out to be proper tourists.

First, in Stratford-on-Avon where Farm Girl told Young Will she was looking forward to studying A Midsummer’s Night Dream next year.


He seemed quite chuffed!

Then on to Coventry, a place where the message of forgiveness never fails to humble me.

Then it was a quick dash up the traffic-choked roads for a dinner date with the Lichfield (formally Spanish) branch of the family. All was going swimmingly until the Homestead Holiday Mobile stopped being mobile.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

You take a different view of traffic-choked roads when it’s you doing the choking.

Luckily, the RAC and Uncle Steve arrived at the same time and the planned family rendezvous was able to take place complete with delicious cottage pie, real vegetables…and a couple of glasses of wine.


Thanks to you all, you beautiful people





10 thoughts on “Shake(speare), Break(down)…and Family to the Rescue

  1. sounds like a busy day! I would hate to have a breakdown in unfamiliar territory like that. Glad it was resolved. And cottage pie – a very satisfactory pick me up. Real vegetables? Been a bit short on the greens so far?

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