A Horse, A Bath, and Searching for a Roadchef

For those geographically aware of the UK, our travels will seem a little erratic to say the least. Today saw us racketing up and down the motorway in order to check out The White Horse.

and the spot where Saint George slayed the dragon.


It was beautiful up there. It felt like you could see for miles and we spent way too much time watch birds of prey hunting.

Then it was back up the motorway again to Bath.



Bath is a breathtakingly beautiful place groaning with history, but we were all a tad underwhelmed with the style of audio-player/self guided tour.  There’s no denying the standard of the facility and the work that has been done; it is honestly world class. For us, however, it meant that Bath was an individual experience rather than something we discovered as a group.

Comparisons were made.

Then it was off to our accommodation for the next three days: Days Inn, Cannock Norton. You’d think it would have been easy to find a Roadchef on the M6 Tollroad…maybe we were just overtired after such a historic day.



9 thoughts on “A Horse, A Bath, and Searching for a Roadchef

  1. Bath is a wonder! I do agree with you about these audio-player things – you miss out on the family discussions! I usually dispense with the audio tour even though I also miss out on all the education and information. I hope you eventually found somewhere to lay your heads!

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