Rick, Old Vic, and Lotsa Traffic

There was a fair amount of travelling today. Some of us would perhaps say too much but I would keep quiet on account of our detour to Padstow being on my wish list.


Yes, it’s because of Rick Stein; No, I make no apologies for liking his slightly bumbling presentation. I enjoy his programmes despite not being a great fan of seafood. And Padstow? We all loved it despite the rain


and I was only a little star-struck.

Then it was the long haul to Bristol,


made even longer by our growling stomachs and the search for a park.


But wandering around this incredibly funky city made it all worth it; Shame the Old Vic was wrapped up in scaffolding and tarpaulins but such is life.

We splashed out on lunch (at 3.45!), dining at a restaurant right on the canal. A queryΒ  of our waitress as to the travel time to Cardiff had her expand with joy. Only two weeks into her studies at Bristol University, she proudly expounded the beauty, charm, wonder and joy of her home town. “Of course, you have to pay to get in,” she informed us, alluding to the bridge tolls,


“You don’t get that much ‘Cool’ for free!”


18 thoughts on “Rick, Old Vic, and Lotsa Traffic

  1. Rick Stein? Haha… I had to google him to find out who he was! Maybe we will get his shows over here on Yankee soil soon. After all, my husband and I just adore watching the British Baking Show with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. I am thoroughly enjoying reading about your travels, and the pictures are great! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi, If a late breakfast combined with an early lunch is ‘brunch’, what is a late lunch combined with an early dinner called?? 3.45 pm for lunch, I would have been dying!!!
    I love the multicoloured buildings in Bristol – I didn’t realise buildings in the U.K. could be so bright.

  3. After a couple weeks of craziness I finally had an hour to myself. I grabbed a throw blanket, mug of tea, curled up on the couch and caught up on the adventures of our favorite friends across the sea. It was delightful to travel along with you for an hour and see the sites. It sounds like an amazing adventure. Thanks for taking us along with you! ❀

  4. Wonderful! You’ve been travelling so close to me ( Castle Cary Somerset!)
    Whilst in Wales try & visit Barry Island ( reminds me of the old fairground in Tom Hank’s ‘Big’) then you HAVE to watch the series ‘Gavin & Stacy’. Hilarious observation of the Welsh/ English divide. Enjoy the rest of your grand tour, & do pop in if you find yourself nearby. πŸ˜€

  5. Oh and I also love Rick Stein, as well as his recipes… FYI the locals refer to Padstow now as ‘Padstein’ due to the miraculous rejuvenation he has been responsible for. I love what he’s done & the many jobs he’s created, now making Padstow quite a tourist magnet. How did you get to hear of him? I had no idea he was such a global hit!

    • We watch a lot of UKTV, but think he’s pretty much a household name (along with Jamie, Hugh, Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry et al) in our neck of the woods.
      It’s great when places receive a shot in the arm in this way; Padstow was lovely – well worth the visit

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