Sage Words – Dealin’ Wid It

In light of recent happenings, we’ve all had plenty to mull over. Some of us do it through talking about it and some are more private in their musings.  Those that choose the internal option sometimes, because they’re not getting feedback, take off in a direction neither  healthy, healing or happy and The Renovator’s recent chosen words were both timely and apt.

As we demolished his very pretty (both looking and tasting) Schichttorte, we marvelled how the MC of your thoughts is very seldom a positive host and learning how to get them to sit down and shut up is not easy.

The following week, last Sunday, The Farmer shared his way of dealing with it all…

…which is basically “worrying just cuts into your cheesecake eating time”; an admirable sentiment if you can manage it.

It was then declared high-time we started living again and a family walk to watch the sunset at the river was proposed.


Followed by barbecued sausages, onions, aioli and tomato sauce in sour dough rolls, we think we may have stumbled on the perfect way to Deal Wid It.


17 thoughts on “Sage Words – Dealin’ Wid It

  1. Oh yes actual nourishment and a healthy activity (veganism and running always to be avoided) are nourishment for the soul.

  2. Been there, done that (as they say!). A family visit to the beach or a river is the usual go-to cure for a bit of family angst in our house too. Oh yes, and lots of comfort food as well 🙂 Love and best wishes to you all xx

  3. Both quotes very apt this time, and I should probably frame them and hang them in my home as a reminder to this family too. Easier said than done, but it’s important to keep working at it. I don’t think I’m up to that cake…but in my experience chocolate in almost any form will work as a substitute. And as an aside, I have “found” the GBBO – first on youtube and then on dvd at the library. This is beguiling stuff! No wonder you all upped the ante with the Sage Sunday treat.

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