Sage Words – Sing it, Mick

If I had got everything I wanted there is no way I’d be who I am, where I am, today.


There’s no way I would be tending goats and poultry in New Brighton, rejoicing  28 of the 30 sown broad bean have sprouted, or spending an entire Saturday ensuring my Apple Custard Danishes have the required number of laminations. 


Thank everything that You Can’t Always Get What You Want


9 thoughts on “Sage Words – Sing it, Mick

  1. That’s the exact song that was in my head when i saw the quote 🙂
    And same, same…no way would I have the blessings I do, nor the adventures that have been had I always got what I wanted.
    The Dalai Lama is a smart guy :).

  2. It is strange to think what our lives would really have been like if everything had gone the way we’d wished. If everything had gone well for Richard he would be living in Canada and I would never have met him.

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