On Task

Yesterday was our first day of winter – in meteorological terms that is.


Apparently we have two First Days of Winter, the other being the Winter Solstice which is still three weeks away, but for the benefit of this post and our feel-good factor we’re choosing the weather-based option.


You see, yesterday – for the first time in Union Homestead history – we finished the autumnal rotation of the Perpetual Garden Clock on time. 



Of course, reaching twelve o’clock means there’s a whole new rotation looming but for today we’re basking in the glory of a job well done


in front of the Homestead fire.


7 thoughts on “On Task

  1. Hi, After the previous post when I was drooling over apple custard danishes, I was brought back to earth with this offering. To succeed in the food growing enterprise, there is much digging, composting, fertilising, weeding, planting, warding off critters with evil designs on your precious crops, watering, being out in all weathers etc. Those who take on the challenge say it is sooo worth it!

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