Sage Words – Wise Wood

Trees are awesome! 

First there’s the whole carbon dioxide in/oxygen out deal: brilliant! Then there’s the fruit, shade, wind-break, shelter, building, fuel aspect of them; they’re the perfect example of making yourself indispensable (although dollars sometimes cloud this concept). 

Pocohontas had Grandmother Willow, Tolkien – the Ents, The Farmer took Enid Blyton’s Wishing Tree to a whole new level

Rotorua - Chch 001.jpg

The Farmer’s Wishing Tree

and here on the Homestead we have an obstinate stand of macrocarpa. Shabby chic person…ahem…treesonified, they provide the perfect backdrop for all Homestead happenings. Coupled with ye old faithful barometer, they also play a very valid part in Homestead weather prediction.


When the herons arrive, you know the black clouds are on their way.

So Sage Words from the woods were well overdue

P1010347.JPGThey were extra-welcome served up, as they were, with Chocolate Silk Pie.




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