Sage Words – Wholeheartedly

With the Trip Countdown sitting at just over 100 sleeps, excitement and anticipation are building.


So many adventures looming; so many things to sort before takeoff. 


Trust Confucius to restore focus when it all gets too much.

The accompanying refreshments were a nod to an irritating craze sweeping the Homestead at the moment for which family diva Jacq Dee must take some responsibility: homemade savouries and chips.

Huh? Why blame the singer?

Recently we sat in the audience, glowing with pride as she started at the very beginning, climbed every mountain and shaved a good eighteen months off her age. Central to the Sound of Music is a simple tribute to that small, white alpine flower; Edelweiss. Unfortunately, “Edelweiss” and “Pie and Chips” are effortlessly (and annoyingly) interchangeable when the chief chef innocently asks for menu suggestions.


Even Xanthe, who likes a good laugh, is over it.

No photographic evidence remains of today’s morning tea because, when it comes to a treat as wonderful as pie and chips, it’s definitely a case of going at it unreservedly – with all your heart! 


6 thoughts on “Sage Words – Wholeheartedly

  1. pie isn’t a thing here…savoury pie that is (fruit pies are definitely a thing), and I miss it, because meat pie was a staple of my childhood – steak and kid, steak and mush, chicken pot pie, cornish pasty, and tourtiere (traditional Quebecois meat pie). One of the many reasons I fell in love with NZ was all the varieties of savoury pies I met down there. Glad you enjoyed it, but picture next time…
    Only 100 sleeps – wow!

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