Sage Words – Choices

That Harry Potter – he has staying power! He arrived fresh from J K Rowling’s pen at just the right time for The Renovator and Goat Herd and they loved him. Avid readers, it was difficult to find them without her latest offering tucked under their arm, nose or pillow and suddenly all conversation revolved around Hogwarts, quidditch, and Hedwig the owl. I mourned for Kirrin Island, jolly hols with lashings of ginger beer, and Timmy the dog but rejoiced in their love of books. It also made birthday and Christmas shopping easy. 

The Farmer could never be called a book worm, but wily old Harry had that covered. Those movies were even more enduring than the books!  Even today, if you peer closely at our broom you can still make out the words “Nimbus 2000” in permanent marker (incidentally, the same one used to style the distinctive Potter scar given half a chance).

And guess what? Harry’s back on the Homestead. At least Farm Girl had the grace to glean a few words of wisdom for the Sage Words board.

We very much enjoyed her choice of refreshment: homemade savoury biscuits (another Paul Hollywood recipe) and brie.

And as for my decision to chuck out the cat toy that looked enough like the Golden Snitch to inspire high spirits among the throng around dinnertime each evening…it was a choice I found both right and easy!


6 thoughts on “Sage Words – Choices

  1. My elder daughter was the right age for the HP books too, as were a nephew and a niece. My younger daughter has never read any of the books and insists she won’t change her mind! Those savoury biscuits look very good!

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