Happy Birthday, Dear Farm Girl

This Wednesday saw the celebration of Farm Girl’s ninth time round the sun.


As tradition dictates, this started with a cake, a candle, the song, and presents in bed

Tradition also dictates that, for that one day every year, the person of the day gets to call the shots. In the month leading in to the big event, Farm Girl pondered many ideas. Maybe we could all go horse riding! Archery was another option. A flashy afternoon tea; punting on the Avon; a full-blown birthday party…the ideas came thick and fast but one thing remained constant…


“All I want is a pair of roller blades!”

As luck would have it, all Homesteaders managed to swing a day off work and so were open to whatever celebration celebration style she announced the evening prior:

Breakfast at Crema, Indian takeaway for tea,Β and inbetween

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The Margaret Mahy Playground…proof that it is fun for the whole family!

Skater girl.jpg

Happy Birthday, Skater Girl


15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dear Farm Girl

  1. Happy Birthday from the God family Farm Girl hope you had a great day. There’s nothing like a slide to celebrate being 9 and if you’re not to make you feel 9. Either way it’s awesome!

  2. That playground, though…a seriously epic way to celebrate your birthday. Happy belated FG! Next one’s going to be in an even bigger playground :). And just to warn you now, there is nothing like Crema there. You’ll have to do your Crema breakfast before you embark on the OE, and if any of the rest of you are Flat White afficianados, get your fix while FG is having her birthday breakfast, because that will be your last chance for 52 days – we don’t have it in North America, and they didn’t have it in Italy or France when we were there a few years ago. And the UK is not reknowned for it’s coffee :).

    Roller blades! I am envious – well, my younger inner self is envious – I always wanted them, and never got a pair. Now of course I would stress about breaking a bone and even worse, looking like a prat when I fell down. And FG looks so pro after only owning them for a day! Must be the skateboarding experience…does she still skateboard? And was that a pre-breakfast in bed while she opened parcels? What a lovely day you gave her!

    • Our girl has incredible balance. The skateboard hasn’t been out recently but then both the weather (and our lives) hadn’t been that obliging of late 😊
      I too hankered for all those cool things…skates surf boards etc but truth be told my lack of co ordination had me beat even if my dreams had been answered ☺
      We’ll take your advice re coffee altho none of us are ‘flat whiters’…no doubt we’ll discover some wonderful culinary delight whilst away. The BC still swoons when remembering the Northumbrian jammy doughnuts…we’re easily impressed πŸ˜€

  3. An extremely belated Happy Birthday to Farm Girl! I loved the photos and the video – in fact I probably had more fun watching you all have a good time than I would have if I’d been there, as my role is usually coat and bag holder. πŸ˜€

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