One Year, One Day to Go

For a long time now, definitely the last five years, we have been talking about a Union Homestead World Tour.

At first it was just a dream. Getting so many people to the other side of the globe is a costly undertaking and one which people, as a rule, tend to do on their own, in their early twenties, punctuated with urgent requests for care packages of pineapple lumps and moro bars, and at least one hazy memory of a party in Hammersmith/Earls Court/Wembley.


The Big Overseas Experience – a Kiwi and Aussie coming of age ritual

But as Farm Girl edged towards her fifth birthday and other Homesteaders began to earn a crust, the idea gained momentum. A year was chosen (2017 – it seemed such a long time away then), a savings plan hatched, and ideas of places to explore mooted. All interested parties were encouraged to raise their hands at which point Princess Nikita made it very clear she wasn’t going to to be the one staying home to feed the goats, andΒ so the number was set at seven.




Then The Bean Counter did a bit of maths and worked out that, with a little careful planning, we could celebrate four birthdays and a milestone anniversary on tour. This is just one of the joys of living as we do. You see, amongst us Homesteaders there are two who tend towards the (umm…how do we put this…) pedantic. The Bean Counter and Goat Herd are the sort who enjoy planning and mapping and list making. They actually opted out of a theatre visit earlier in the year to spend time putting the finishing touches on an itinerary that, whilst not covering “the world”, has us spending 52 days in some pretty cool places.


19 September 2017 will see us take off on our adventure and so, to get a little extra bang for a rather large amount of bucks, we will embark on The Union Homestead Virtual World Tour tomorrow. Yes, for 52 days we will be able to say, “this time next year we’ll be…” absolutely secure in the knowledge that we’ve got it right.


2016-09-03 16.08.35.jpg

There’s nothing like a bit of forward planning to whet the appetite. Maybe we’re coming to a place near you πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “One Year, One Day to Go

  1. I am gobsmacked, what splendid plans. I see you will be in London on days 26-29, any chance of meeting up. I would be so pleased. I can email you with details if you think that it would be possible.

  2. Wow! That’s so exciting! A month in the UK, a week in Germany and the Netherlands, a few days in Rome. Does the few days in LA include Disneyland? What a fantastic experience it’s all going to be. Only one problem…your lovely flag graphic has a glitch – not one single maple leaf fluttering anywhere :(.

    • Farm Girl is spending her tenth birthday in Disneyland; LA is such a convenient stepping stone. When we did our OE back in ’88 Vancouver was too but now it is unbelievably expensive. The world is so big and I am so nosy…the biggest glitch is the size of our pockets 😊

  3. Yes – you will be in California! Unfortunately, you are going to Southern California and I am in Northern California, so we won’t be able to physically meet each other over a cup of tea. πŸ˜‰ Your plan looks fantastic! I hope you will have loads of fun and adventures, and make tons of memories.

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