Sage Words -Doctor? Why Not?

Our Farm Girl is growing taller everyday.


Her personality is growing, too.

Once upon a time (not that long ago) we could utter, willy-nilly, decrees and proclamations absolutely sure in the knowledge she would do her level best to carry out directives and follow the rules; generally with a spring in her step and a smile on her face.

Now, don’t get us wrong: she’s not doing the whole teenage petulance thing. Rather, when once our word was accepted as law, suddenly Farm Girl has started using the “W” word; she wants to know why. Even more than that, she’s not backwards at coming forwards at constructing a rather convincing, logical argument in her favour. In fact, several times lately, one or the other of the more, shall we say, experienced Homesteaders have caught ourselves on the brink of screaming the one phrase we promised our teenage selves, way back then, we would never utter.


The biggest tussle, by far, has been over watching the Doctor; Doctor Who, that is.

It can be quite scary, we said.

Well, isn’t that up to me to deal with? She calmly replied.

The themes can be very adult.

I don’t mind if you choose episodes you feel appropriate.

But those daleks! They’re downright spooky.

Really? (cynical raise of the eyebrow). But then you can be a little (clearing of throat) sensitive about that sort of thing.


A truce was called when someone, it may have been The Goat Herd, discovered The Sarah Jane Adventures were playing on Sky on Demand. For those who aren’t Tardis-ly Minded, Sarah Jane is a one-time companion of the Doctor who now spends her time saving Earth from the more kid-friendly of his alien foe. It worked a treat; Farm Girl was very happy watching Sarah Jane and her little band of helpers dealing to Slitheen, Judoon and the likes. That is, right up until the episode David Tennant (undoubtedly The Homestead’s favourite Doctor) appeared in,ย The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, and we ย were right back at square one again.


ย On Sunday it was The Doctor’s most fervent Homesteader fan, The Farmer’s, turn to host morning tea. He laid the platter of garlic bread (made to his own recipe) onto the table with the hint of a twinkle in his eye and then with a barely discernible wink in Farm Girl’s direction, he unveiled his chosen phrase.

FullSizeRender (9).jpg

Taking a moment for us to digest his message, he then turned to Farm Girl and bowed.

“Young Padawan,” he intoned in a voice straight from The Lion King (truly it made sense at the time), “It is time.” Then, The Farmer once more, he added, “Let the kid squeeze some Tardis action into her life. It’s the person, after all.”

How could we refuse?!

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11 thoughts on “Sage Words -Doctor? Why Not?

  1. I love the idea of garlic bread for morning tea, lol. If there’s one thing that will get you through this phase that FG has just embarked on, it’s your senses of humour. She’s been raised to be a thinker, and the result is that the whole trend of “natural consequences” to quote the parenting books, is about to flow the other way. Been there ๐Ÿ™‚ I found myself acknowledging solid reasons that countered my own far too often for my liking as the girls hit age 10 or so. It took me a while each time to let go their ears and do things their way. I too swore that I would never say “because I said so” and I don’t think I ever did, but sadly – true confession time – I did in a moment of sheer desperation say “as a matter of fact, YES, I AM the boss of you!”. Which of course was just as effective as you’d expect. :). Good luck!

    • When we started the whole Sage Words morning tea we were aiming to have one guaranteed time in the week where we would sit down together, without time constraints, and be a family. Then the whole quote idea was introduced, and then the food. The idea of the food was to experiment with new things and run them past everyone, but some of our number (no prizes for guessing) like to use it to ensure their favourite foods make it onto the menu…hence the garlic bread :).
      As we have been told many times over the years, “we only have ourselves to blame” for various outside-the-square ideas, behaviours and opinions. Wouldn’t have it any other way and, like you, once I clicked that I just need to let go of their ears and let them just do it all was well…or we cleaned it up as a family ๐Ÿ™‚
      I have never said either “because I said so” or “I am the boss of you” but (confession is good for the soul, right?!) I have uttered that horrific phrase “just BECAUSE” more than once. Yes, I am blushing as I type.

  2. I remember it well! My elder daughter always liked to push the boundaries but we usually managed to work things out nicely without too much argument. I was often a little annoyed to find she had watched prohibited programmes at other peoples’ houses. My younger daughter is a much more cautious person so we didn’t have any trouble with her.

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