Sage Words – Cubie Can’t Fail

In the midst of earlier earlier hoo-hah, we found ourselves faced with a rather large dilemma. Seemingly overnight, no matter how many bicycles we had or how lazy/fit we were feeling, the two Homestead Mobiles were suddenly not conveyance enough. We knew this to be a temporary situation brought about by Nana’s shared custody agreement but, fleeting or not, it needed rectifying.

Now those who have been with us for a time will remember that a while back we drew up an aspiration chart and, between a new kitchen and an overseas jaunt, we pasted the image of a shiny, new vehicle: a Nissan Pathfinder. Yes, we had all decided having huffed on the windows of such a beast on more than one occasion, this was EXACTLY what we needed – big and powerful and gorgeous.

2014-11-16 18.23.47

Sadly, when the need arose the readies weren’t yet there and it was time for a rethink.

Our resident researcher, The Goat Herd, has never been backwards in declaring the “coolness” (her words) of the Nissan Cube – but then, she has always danced to her own tune. To the utter horror of some on the Homestead, when all was assessed and analysed, the Bulldog with Sunglasses (Nissan’s words, this time) did indeed look like it ticked all the boxes. When well co-ordinated it seats seven, it’s economical to run, fits into the cheaper section of the new road tax system, and the price was just right. So we got one, bought in a hurried ten minutes (colour? who cares!), and reassured those of us who still have street cred that it was “just a stop gap”.


Thing is, though, we’ve fallen in love with it. First off the mark at the lights, so maneuverable it can nip into all those parking spaces we’ve been driving past forever, and with more storage compartments than your average space shuttle…what’s not to love?! The Goat Herd then undertook a crash course in Japanese and decoded the sound system and there was no looking back. After years of horrendous “just turn it off, it’ll sound better” in-car audio, now our ears are hearing stuff the producers put in for their own geeky entertainment – and they’re liking it.


We may look like the Ant Hill Mob, but our ears are in heaven.

Sadly, this has exposed the shallowness of some of our music collection – The Beatles Help! was quickly jettisoned as Ringo’s enthusiastic bongo playing throughout had us pulling over to the side of the road thinking something had been trapped in the wheel arch. Others have been ditched due to now intelligible, horrendous lyrics; call us fussy, but don’t expect us to sing along to anything that has us on our knees, begging please for very long. Subsequently,much thought and loud discussion is now invested in choosing the soundtrack to our motorised jaunts. Currently we are listening to one of The Bean Counter’s own: The Clash.


Now that we can distinguish the lyrics and hear those really clever instrumental tricks (loving your work, Topper Headon), we found ourselves wanting to know more about the blokes that made up The Clash (well, some of us did; The Bean Counter still just wants to crank the volume and sneer along to “London Calling”). It was in doing so that The Milk Maid discovered last week’s (because we’re a little behind…again) Sage Words.

And just to remind us we were alive, it was served with lemon meringue roulade…zingy!



9 thoughts on “Sage Words – Cubie Can’t Fail

  1. Lemon roulade sounds amazing – should I ever get enough eggs out of the hens (moulting season is upon me), I will have to give this a go. Maybe for Thanksgiving, coming up soon :). Dunno about marrying a car for it’s stereo system, regardless of musical selection 🙂

    • What the car lacks in coolness it makes up for in hidden gems…after many years of manoeuvring the van around (akin to turning the Titanic), it is very liberating: u-turns on a postage stamp, whips away from the lights, nips into the tiniest parking space…
      As for the roulade: go for it; sublime!

  2. Until recently I have tended to go for the slightly uncool ‘different’ type of car – my first was a Citroen 2CV and I got a lot of abuse from everyone, but it was such a comfortable bouncy car! We too have been amazed at the naff lyrics on many of our favourite tracks since getting better sound systems in the car and at home. Have fun in your Cubie!

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