Prettying Out Front

Saturday Work Day is once again part of the Homestead week.

This month’s focus has been on front yard aesthetics; advancing it to the next level on The Goat Herd’s infamous Gantt Chart and edging it closer to observing the urban homesteading golden rule: Keep it Looking Pretty.


After a serious path-weeding, a morning was sent spreading crusher dust over them


After a week for weathering, the path was topped with gravel. 


and a bit of arty cobble work undertaken.

There’s still such a long way to go, but we reckon it’s looking mighty fine.


12 thoughts on “Prettying Out Front

  1. Looks awesome. We are great believers in gravel be it paths or bits that just don’t make sense. Still coming round on cubism but we’re prepared to be flexible thinkers given enough alcoholic beverage.

  2. Yes, with longer hours of daylight and milder (?) temperatures, it is a pleasure to be out in the garden. Given the copious rainfall recently, my priority during the school holidays has been planting, getting those plants in early enough to enjoy thorough soaking before the dryness of summer. Then it’s back to the forest of weeds which I tackle over spring and summer.

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