Sage Words – It’s a Day!

Drawing a line under it, calling it a day, exclaiming, “it’s all over, Red Rover”; whatever title you give it, finishing something, anything, takes courage.

Effecting change is scary.

Firstly, you have to acknowledge that moment when “I’m not entirely happy…” becomes “I can’t continue…” and there’s always the chance that, once the plug is pulled, you realise what you have lost or the grass isn’t always greener and end up living to regret it. Just try typing “endings” into Mr Google and you’ll quickly discover that  society isn’t that positive when it comes to saying “M’name’s Goff and I’m off.”

Oh, we don’t mean THAT. We’re all still friends and the Homestead remains in one albeit slightly weedy piece.  What we are making very heavy work of telling to you is that The Farmer has decided to leave his paid employment for, if you’ll excuse the terrible pun, pastures new.  After four years during which he has learnt so much and then passed it on to us, he finally made the decision he has been threatening for a very long time and we are all enjoying having the happy, mischievous, fun-loving  Homesteader we all know and love back again.


At the end of the day, everyone needs to have their abilities recognised (minimum wage says a great deal) and no one likes being the reliable one that will lift, fetch, carry, or carry on while others bask in the sun.


No, he has no job to move into but has plenty of irons in the fire. We’re proud of his courage in trusting the magic of new beginnings and  celebrated accordingly with too many of The Bean Counter’s homemade crepes.

14 thoughts on “Sage Words – It’s a Day!

  1. Loved the quote and all the very best to The Farmer. It sounds as though his former employer was taking advantage of him, so serve him right that he has lost such a good employee. All fingers crossed that a better job turns up quickly.

  2. The Farmer has made a brave move but a sensible one from the sound of it. My nephew has recently done the same thing after being an under-paid dogsbody for some time. He has returned to university to get more qualifications to see if that makes a difference. It might. The Farmer has chosen an excellent quote. Crepes!…mmmm!! Yummy!!!

  3. Stepping out into the unknown….it takes courage and energy and the young definitely have an advantage there. :). He’s learned all kinds of things, both official training and just general life stuff. He knows what he won’t/can’t do and he’s still young and open enough to try things he doesn’t know yet. Whatever the next stage turns out to be, I’m sure he’ll do well with it. Only one thing – does this mean…in a tiny whisper…no more trains? Crepes – mmmm – makes me think of Paris – have you thought of matching the morning tea treat to whichever country/city you’re figuratively in a year from now? Maybe too limiting for these people who are up for stepping outside the box to discover pastures new :).

    • Now there’s an idea! I’ll put it to the troops today. Today in a year we leave Liverpool and meander our way to Newcastle. The mood in the vehicle will be very dependant on the soccer result of the day before😊 As for your shocking whispered question, he’s almost sewn up his next step which will effect no derailments…perish the very thought!

  4. Hi, Are those flags the handiwork of Farm Girl?
    No point staying in a job which makes you miserable.
    I look forward to learning about Farm Boy’s new endeavour.
    ‘The magic of beginnings’ – I like that.

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