Sage Words -Life Long Learning

There’s a heap of new projects being undertaken by Homesteaders at the moment: whittling, dressmaking, deck dismantling/rebuilding, sheep tending (with The Farmer’s change of work situation, his baby needed rehousing), new job  searching, and Farm Girl’s Christmas Day Carol Concert to name but a few. 

With every new project there’s always those moments when you feel like the entire world is more capable than you. No one else would have sewn that zip in backwards! How come the whittlers fingers are a mass of nicks and cuts when Pa Ingalls could do it by very modest lamplight? What wise guy decided to put all these accidentals in God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen? Yes, books have been thrown and tears have been shed.


But, we decided over the most delicious cheese fondue – not too rich, not too bland, that if one of The Goat Herd’s heroes,  Richard Feynman, was still searching and seeking and trying things out for size we were in pretty good company.

8 thoughts on “Sage Words -Life Long Learning

    • Youtube has opened many doors to me; I’m not great at following written instructions (for some reason I get caught on the ‘jargon’ – at least knitting patterns have code cracking included) but SHOW me how and I’m fine…well, nearly fine as the backwards zip testifies 🙂

    • Spring has definitely sprung and the work is piling up. Yes, the dressmaking is a little scary…I’ve done little stuff before: alterations or stretch sewing (no buttons or zips) but a pile of inherited Burda mags and a heap of material taunted me long enough. The Homesteaders are very kind and graciously wear the duds I run up 🙂

  1. I have done a very little dress-making (but not recently) and have a go at most repairs that need doing except zips. I can’t replace zips at all so I cheat and take them to a fabric shop that also does repairs. I find that the cost of the repair is more bearable than hours of frustration!

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