Holiday Tally Up

Teetering on the edge of a new school term, having neglected to update you all at the midway point (mainly because we’d adjusted a little too well to a temporary slowdown in proceedings), it’s time for a bit of a catch up.

I’m sure you’ll be a relieved as we are that painting the Homestead is now off the list; our whinging about this drudgery was, in all probability, way more irksome than the actual task. But now it is done! Finished! Complete! If our arms weren’t still hurting from the task, we’d be tempted to express our delight, relief, and downright joie de vivre in a manner that would leave Fraulein Maria looking like a gloom merchant..

“The painting’s complete at the Union Homestead…”
painting completed
Worth making a song and dance about…if only we had the energy

Another job ticked of the list is all the carpentry work on The Farmer’s bedroom. Now all that stands in the way of his taking up residence is yet more filling, sanding and painting…sigh.

Patrick's rm
Hopefully, it won’t be long until the door can be thrown open on the new room!

The meadow is once again a girl only zone after the reprieved rooster decided to practice his aria at 4.30am. The intention had been to leave his up-to-then silent buddy to the mercies of the harem for a little longer, but unfortunately he chose to step onto the recently vacated uppermost rung of the compost bin, throw back his head, and launch into the rooster equivalent of The Last Post before The Bean Counter had even turned axewards. The experiment we started way back when has proved to be a success; the Homestead has got the ability (and the gumption) to produce it’s own meatbirds.

In between these three major tasks and a sprinkling of lesser ones, we ensured there remained enough time to dally over coffees/hot chocolates and possibly a slice of cake or two in a variety of establishments of which Crema would be top of the list. It was while idling over such a treat that Farm Girl finally convinced us she was serious about undertaking an action which, up until that moment, had only been voiced in moments of high emotion (generally two minutes before dashing out the door to the Kingdom of Nova).


Pah to pretty ponytails! Blah to bodacious braids!  Farm Girl was over knots, hairbrushing, hair ties and…oh! just the whole time-wasting hair hoo hah; It was time for the mane to be shorn. After a consultation with Mr Google, the new look was identified.

IMG_2737_NEWSo, here we are teetering on the edge of a new school term; freezer fuller, house prettier, renovations moving forward and with one of us rocking a whole new look.

Term two, we’re ready!


10 thoughts on “Holiday Tally Up

  1. My goodness, lots of stories from the homestead. Your house looks so beautiful now! And what a great door to the renovator’s home! Cannot wait to see it finished.
    And with or without long braids…Farmgirl is beautiful! But that short hair is really lovely.
    I’d say all good thing should be celebrated with a, roast chicken maybe?? The Hills are Alive Indeed!

  2. My goodness, you lot got a lot done this summer. I was wondering what was happening with Farmer’s room – that door looks really lovely, but I bet he cares more about getting his space back than he does about the door. Farm Girls hair! Wow! She just took 15 minutes out of the morning rush, clever girl, as long as she doesn’t find it chilly in winter. It looks fabulous. My four roosters are one too many, and many battles have been engaged lately, with one poor fellow the consistent loser. I could use some help reducing my rooster numbers by half…

    • In our flurry of activity some things did fall by the wayside – I’m going to have to buy in winter seedlings rather than grow from seed as I totally missed the boat on that one. Ah well, there’s always next year.
      Yep, after over a year without a space to call his own, The Farmer is pretty keen to get his bedroom back, and who can blame him. His new room is going to be worth the wait though; a lovely little suntrap with the absolute gem of having a built in wardrobe! Bliss – even for a farm bloke (you can hide a lot of mess in a wardrobe).
      Farm Girl’s look was totally her own choosing and left us all breathless when she emerged; she’s really growing up and I am looking forward to the fight-free school mornings
      There’s always one loser in the chicken coop – took me a while to understand that one. Good luck with you’re rooster dispatching…I feel we are not up to your practiced standard to be of any help 🙂

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