Goodbye to Clank

Today our chicken died.  

May 2011 007

Yes, we know; we’ve only just been trumpeting the triumph of our meat bird experiment and a freezer full of upcoming chicken dinners and now we’re getting all teary eyed over the death of our future roast’s coop mate. We know it’s inconsistent. Call us contrary. Let’s get right down to tin tacks: it’s hypocritical.

But all that aside, while very definitely recognised, the fact remains that Clank, the coop matriarch, flock founding member, stalwart egg maker, veteran of two major natural disasters, and taker of no lighted chicken shenanigans didn’t get up this morning. 

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The backyard won’t be the same without you, Clankie. 


16 thoughts on “Goodbye to Clank

  1. Oh that’s a sad bit of news. May she peck and scratch in the great glowing halls of the chicken afterlife! Where the feed flows freely and the dust baths abound. Cheers to Clank!

  2. Despite all my hard nosed talk of putting birds in the freezer etc, I know very well why Clank mattered differently. I have buried two roosters in the last 8 years – not in the freezer, but under a tree or near a favourite fence line respectively. Clank sounds entirely deserving, and perhaps yes in part because she is the end of an era in Homestead life. And out of curiosity, why was she called Clank?

    • Clank was named by Farm Girl in her Tinkerbell phase. Clank is one of Tink’s fellow tinkers in the movie and we already had a Tinkerbell 🙂 We have since instituted a system of alphabetical naming which stops the whole themed name thing as it drives me mad (grumpy old bat that I am).

      • Lol…I’ve not seen any of the Tinkerbell movies, so I’d never have guessed, but it makes sense – a fairy that makes eggs, haha. No…my youngest was a Thomas fan, so I was searching my head for any memory of an engine called Clank – which is why it seemed an odd name for a hen :).

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