Good, Bad, and Indifferent

A very fast, somewhat lazy, update.

The bad was very bad; Sapphire is no longer with us.

Through having her in our lives we learnt so much. Things like we really can do this Homesteading thing, that sheep are so not stupid, and The Farmer is truly our resident Dr Doolittle. Even as she was getting ready to leave us we were learning: administering injections, monitoring wellness, a sheep caesarian, a lambs born dead, a lamb born alive and then dying a day later…generally talking the talk and walking the walk.

We miss her very much.

But in that wonderful circle of life way, our other ladies are slowly taking up the role of motherhood again. Nothing makes you smile like a gambolling lamb and currently we have three with others due any day.

Indifferent is a harsh tag for the day-to-day weeding, sowing, reaping, digging the garden, doing the schoolwork, feeding out, trying to teach Walt the ratbag goat not to jump up, hoof trimming, tracking down the lambs from their latest hiding place, putting on the gladrags for town day,

And that’s you all caught up again. With apologies.

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