Colin’s on His Way

It’s been a long wait but at last he’s here.

When we say “here” we mean in this realm. It’ll still be a while until he takes up his rightful post as Homestead Hound.

And when he does, his castle is ready and waiting.

End Note: Well, there goes my plan to post a snippet a day. This one was all typed up, only awaiting a couple of photos but, unfortunately for my blog publishing but not for my wellbeing, the trip to Colin’s current abode included a very nice meal, a drop or two of wine, lots of solving the problems of the world…and no photography. Now life has moved on, happenings good, bad, and indifferent have occurred but one thing remains constant…Colin is on his way! We’re very excited.

8 thoughts on “Colin’s on His Way

  1. Hi, Will Colin have a role in the Homestead workforce? Herding sheep, goat taming, chook wrangler, door bell? How’s the pony project going? So sorry to learn Sapphire and her lambs didn’t make it. It is always sad when a strong character leaves the cast.

    • We’re thinking Colin’s main role will be door bell and homestead hound. That he be able to assist in sheep herding would be bliss 😊 We’re a week off his arrival date so things are getting real…exciting and a little scary too. The pony has returned to his original home. Lots of lessons were learnt, the biggest being not all animals can coexist on the homestead and Stitch’s sheep loathing meant he had to move on. The flock is slowly adjusting to the loss of Sapphire, as we all are. Of course, everything was complicated further by them all becoming mothers, one for the first time, so the question of who will step up and take over Sapphire’s crown hasnt really been addressed but at least they are now all moving around the paddock together again.

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