Colin, Covid, and Catching You Up

It’s crazy how fast they grow. From the tiny, mewing, little peanut-shaped scrap of life that I didn’t really want to touch because he looked a little rodenty (urk!)

to the stumbly, inquistive, slightly over-awed new-puppy-of- the-Homestead, through Puppy Preschool embarrassments and cat run-ins, and all the firsts: bark (at The Farmer’s entrance), tug-of-war (over my beloved croc), toothmarks where they shouldn’t be (so many I can’t remember the first), and utterance of “What the ****, Colin?” our life has been changed irrefutably.

And we love it.

Those of us for whom sleep didn’t come easily are now out like lights because Colin hears all. If you’re down, he’s right there with his puppy breath and goofy ways. He’s at your heels, or under your feet, during feeding out and sits, shakes hands and even comes when called…unless he’s doing something more interesting.

Even when he gets totally over the top and becomes a snappy, yappy labrashark we wouldn’t trade him in and the Homestead resounds to his steamtrain snoring.

Yep, we’re dog converts but not, we hasten to add, the on-the-beds, access-all-areas type. The cats still need somewhere to call their own, afterall.

Aside from Colin’s arrival, the sheep continued to pop until everyone had visited the maternity ward paddock finishing up with six lambs from our five ewes and Neville being hailed the man of the hour.

For the record, Vera, Xiomara (we call her Zoe), and Yasmin join Ulyssa and Froda’s two boys, and we are nearly back to A and easier naming choices.

In the gardens, the moment belongs to the broad beans but the brassicas are waiting in the wings and, for the first time ever, we have managed to get some rather attractive and tasty radishes. As for flowers, the peonies and rhododendrons are stealing the show.

Over the weekend, we unfolded, assembled, and began filling the only pool I know of that is surrounded by an electric fence (to prevent scrabbly pawed puppy damage). Now, for those of us (pick me) who treat electricity like voodoo, I was a tad unhappy with the whole zappy-zap/water mix but those in the know (The Resident Engineer and Bean Counter) scoffed at my concern and went into boring scenarios involving solid sheets of water, great lengths of fencing, and my happiness to negotiate those fences we have around the place during downpours. I know when I’m beaten – as does Colin, who now gives the pool a wide berth.

So, that’s caught you up, you’ve met Colin, and all that remains on the list is the virus. We’re in the incredibly lucky position of living at the end of the Earth, surrounded by water, with a population of 5 million folk who were, for the most, pretty happy to have our government slam up the shutters and spend some pretty big dollars in the process. Here on the Homestead, we’ve made some changes to ensure we minimise risks. Shopping is done locally rather than in the big supermarkets in Christchurch, we chose to miss partying to celebrate our Godgirl’s 21st birthday, and The Bean Counter continues to don PPE at work as it is close to one of the quarantine facilities. Life isn’t as it was this time last year, but we’re doing ok.

Our thoughts are with those of you locked down again. We’re so sorry – not in a smug, gloaty way but truly, deeply sorry.

We do, however, get a bit peeved when the big kids tell fibs about us.

Keep well, keep safe…and most of all, don’t be an egg xxx

17 thoughts on “Colin, Covid, and Catching You Up

  1. Colin is growing so fast and btw the Godgirl still loves you (well as long as you are carrying eggs ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‹)

  2. Congratulations on the radishes ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Lockdown isnโ€™t going to be so bad for me, having got used to teaching online and found new ways of leading a fulfilling life outside work – all those online talks which I wouldnโ€™t have been able to attend if they were in person ๐Ÿ˜Š. I am horribly sorry for all those who will be losing their livelihoods, though.

  3. Colin is growing so fast! He looks lovely but sounds a handful. Miss our dog days, although I don’t think the cat does ๐Ÿ™‚ and I wouldn’t be able to go for walks anyway. It is wonderful to see all the promise of spring in your photos and news, as we head into the storms of late fall and early winter. Unlike the UK we’re not in lock down again – yet, although our curve is shooting upward and there has been increased restrictions on our “bubbles”(in BC; it’s different in every province). It’s also a tense time being the neighbour of a country in election turmoil – feels like we’re next to a steaming volcano. You stick to your islands away from the rest of the chaos – you’re in a good place.

    • It certainly feels pretty good here at the moment, crazy dog included. Like the rest of the globe, we’re watching your neighbours with a mixture of wonder and wtf. Actually, that sums up my dog owning ethos as well๐Ÿคฃ
      Keep well, hope you squash your curve

  4. Colin looks like a fine addition to the household and i am pleased to hear about the multiplying sheep population. It is hard for me to think about you going into swimming pool time just as we are starting to think about frost and snow. We think highly of NZ, its population and its prime minister. You have been an example to us all. I just wish that we had paid attention.

  5. Hi, Who couldn’t love Colin? That photo of him at puppy school is a winner!
    The good news for Victorians is the ring of steel has just been lifted which means Melburnians can now travel freely into regional areas and vice versa. I will actually be able to see family again. I hope we can continue to have nil to low numbers of corona virus cases so eventually, Victorians will be able to travel interstate as well. This will mean Victorians – including me – will be able to see family who live in other states which will seem pretty amazing! Good luck with your country’s continued success in managing the virus.

  6. Your Colin looks a cutie! It must be a relief to be getting a little more sleep because it sounds as though your life is becoming busier and busier! Congratulations on all the lambs and getting to the end of the alphabet at last! And well done NZ on coping so well in this pandemic ๐Ÿ™‚

    • He is the cutest, sweetest, funniest, naughtiest, most infutiating bundle of puppy๐Ÿ˜ As one of those who has struggled with sleeping, I am still totally amazed the cure was, for me, so simple. The downside is I currently wander around in a fug as my body suddenly realises what it has been missing.
      Life is getting too busy again. Thank goodness Christmas and our holiday period are approaching.
      And thank you for your kjnd words on behalf of my country. We are proud but also wary…this virus lurks waiting for you to slip-up

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