A Sunday Saunter

A quick google tells me it’s currently 23.6 degrees Celsius here in Darfield; the forecast was for 23.5 so already the day is overachieving. That’s not surprising really, as it is one of those out-of-the-box, birds-atweeting, all-is-right-with-the-world kinda days which, if you of a similar vintage as the Homestead elders, has you fighting the urge to sing that song. Eeek!

Not being a great fan, then or now, of the tune, I decided a better use of my time would be showing you what our day is looking like.

Over in the goats paddock, Sandra, after frantically fighting its application, is now very proud to pose with her new, blue collar.

This is our first attempt at breakfencing, with the idea being only to hay two paddocks of a (hopefully) higher quality while keeping all the animals in the third negating the pass-the-parcel paddock shuffle with the animals come haying time. So far it is working well, with all parties giving the electric fence a wide berth. Weirdly, they are more than happy to graze right up to the beehive whose bite is every bit as nasty as the fence’s.

Both the vegetable gardens are actually starting to produce decent crops

and the pig pen is now all but finished; awaiting its tenants (two Old White/Landrace weaners) who should be ready to take up residence in January.

Any turn around the Homestead would not be complete without a visit to the chicken coop and a quick hello to Neville

and then back for lunch on the lawn

But first, where’s Colin?

“Colin: Off!!…Off!…Colin!!!…Ah well, nevermind…”

15 thoughts on “A Sunday Saunter

  1. Hi, Nothing like a well earned lazy Sunday! As for the song you were resisting the urge to sing…..Are we talking ‘Zippety Do Dah’? or ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’? or some other Kiwi specialty?

    • We’ve been trying to keep Sundays as family days; today worked perfectly.
      The song: “Beautiful Sunday” by Daniel Boone. Along with “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree”, those songs were the soundtrack of my childhood…and I loathed them both 🤣

  2. Thank you for the reminder of the song…or perhaps not.

    Your veg gardens look very exciting and the stock looks well cared for so I might be singing ‘Spring is busting pout all over.’

    I say nothing about dogs. They are fine as long as they are other people’s in my view.

  3. Daniel Boone…agh…I will go with Zippity Do Dah. . I’m now singing while it is torrential outside and wind warnings loom on the weather app. So it is particularly lovely to have a stroll around the Homestead in the balmy warmth and sunshine. You lot have been busy! As though Colin wouldn’t occupy you enough, there’s gardening, fencing, trough making and animal husbandry galor. Lovely catch up, thank you!

  4. You have been busy! Everything looks wonderful (even the weeds!) and your outdoor eating area looks fabulous; just the spot to while away an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon! Just ignore all those chores and sing along with Daniel Boone “Hey, hey, Hey….!” 😀

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