It’s Been a While

It’s a bit late, I know. but here we are:

sending you our Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2021 wishes

The Homestead has plodded a pretty steady course since last we spoke. Christmas ambled into New Year, the weather allowed for plenty of indoor snoozing and Yuletide eating and not a lot of swimming, and here we are out the other side with off-Homestead activities starting to pick back up again and, predictably, the swimming weather, too.

During our blog-absence, the paddock population rose by three: a stroppy rooster born to one of the Sylvia’s (she did her trick of last year and got off the nest once babe number one hatched leaving the rest to perish) and

these little ladies

It’s a bit of a Homestead joke, the terror I feel each time a new species is introduced into our lives. As it turns out, I’m loving the different sound and character these ladies are adding to my everyday.

And if you love watching things grow in front of your eyes, pigs are definitely the thing – followed closely by labradors.

Last night was Mr Colin’s first night in his new digs. He’d grown out of his inside boudoir and is not yet trustworthy enough to be left unattended and unfettered for long periods of time, so he’s now got his very own room. We were expecting a bit of undignified yowling to punctuate the night

So Santa has been and gone and 2021 is well underway. As usual, there was a collection of lovely gifts under the tree but The Bean Counter’s heart still yearned as Homestead coffers still couldn’t quite stretch to fulfill his dream gift. We figured without the wonderful Royal Family of the now downsized Kingdom of Melton (West).

Now, if only he could get a turn on it!

10 thoughts on “It’s Been a While

  1. Pigs!!! I knew you’d enjoy them…I miss having them myself, but thrilled to see many of my friends seem to have finally discovered the joys of them…and you’re right – they put on growth spurts overnight – just like young pups, lol. That lawn mower! So swanky and shiny! It’s going to be a game changer for keeping the grass down – and if it has a hitch, it won’t be long before you get a trailer for it…just sooo useful. I kinow it’s a busy time of year, so it’s lovely to see a post.

    • Dawn, it came with a trailer!! There never seems to be enough hours in the day…this should help speed stuff up a bit.
      As for the pigs… I spend way too much time leaning on a fencepost watching them so maybe time saved on lawnmowing won’t be spent that constructively 😁

    • One very big benefit is the distance you are from the moss and weeds that constitute the Homestead lawn…it all looks green and gorgeous from the seat (especially if you dont wear your glasses😊). As for the pigs, they are very uncomplicated beings…”happy as a pig in muck” is very true

  2. Its never to late so right back at ya, wishing A Merry Christmas to all & a year of much merryment ahead to you & your beautiful family. I can so relate to the worry that goes with new additions to the homestead, I am soooo jealous you have pigs my dream addition, the pen is all ready I just have to be, lol. Your set up is great for them. Next teaching Mr Colins to tidy his room, just adorable. Lol a time chart for the new toy or better yet a reward chart. Have a wonderful week ahead.

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