Today we woke to a very welcome sight: Miss Sapphire waiting in her customary look out at the gate. Though far from recovered, she is certainly looking perkier. Bouquet number one.

Due to a troubled sleep, the majority of the human Homesteaders witnessed this morning’s sunrise. It was crisp and clear and breathtaking. No photos but, believe me, it was bouquet number two.

Social bouquets were aplenty: my GP’s bragging photos of his recently constructed glasshouse (he also did some health related stuff too), a long gossip about everything and nothing at the chemists, and a very surprised rave review of Sapphire’s appearance this morning from Ashleigh the Vet.

Then in the afternoon, a visit from two of my favourite off-Homestead people

and a real bouquet from their new-home garden. Today I am walking with a Spring in my step.

12 thoughts on “Bouquets

  1. Such good news about Sapphire! Glad the day has contained other bouquets as well, because even a glorious sunrise is not always enough to make up for lack of sleep. And those flowers – Spring is definitely happening for you all!

    • Sapphire is definitely a fighter. The grey lump of wool that looked decidedly ominous from my bedroom window turned out to be our snoring, convalescing sheep-lady not impressed by my agitated prodding

  2. Hi, I am glad to read that you have ‘made it’ in your rural community and the ‘big smoke’ is now some alien location that you need to continue to have contact with. Good luck with the lambing season and the health of all your livestock.

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