Sapphires’ Sick

Another quick snippet today as I sit down with my afternoon coffee.

Today was meant to be taken up with housework and gardening but, in the way “these things” go, it has instead been all about a sick sheep. Sapphire is unwell.

Well on in her baby incubation, we were a bit slow to realise Stitch the pony was tormenting her in the back paddock. Sheep May Safely Graze…hmmm, not so much with that pony around. In short, her body had to put in too much work sustaining the in-utero passengers and avoiding Stitch’s teeth; she has developed Twin Lamb Disease. We initially kept it in check with Ketol, a glucose drench, but this morning it was definitely a job for the vet.

You would think one sick sheep in a community where the farmer across the road, for example, has thousands would not really rate on the vet radar, but Sapphire received care the animal equivalent of the Mayo Clinic. Vetent Darfield, you are amazing!

Now it is a waiting game and she is firmly in the care of the Homestead optimists; those of us not so sunnily inclined would be hauling full strength on the happiness reigns and taking reality checks…but…it is obvious she is regaining her sight which indicates the brain swelling is reducing, she is drinking again and showed interest in her favourite tree lucerne treat, and her belly is thrashing around frantically so the passengers are fit and well.

Tomorrow may bring a lot of tears, a ton of smiles, or even a first hand report of a sheep caesarean section. Stay tuned!

Union Homestead – where there’s never a dull moment.

7 thoughts on “Sapphires’ Sick

  1. Oh my, that is not the right sort of homestead drama. So glad you have a vet nearby who could come out to your place. Our nearest large animal (as opposed to cats/dogs/guinea pigs) vet is about an hour away and you have to bring the animal to them – even if it’s a cow. Crossing my fingers that the improvements continue and that tomorrow bringsa ton of smiles.

    • We’re pretty lucky with being so close to Darfield. Its a well established rural hub so has all the services. I contemplated loading her into a vehicle to save the bill a little bit shes just too ill. Fingers crossed

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