So, here we are: teetering on the edge of a four week lock-down effective of 11.59 this evening. How surreal!

Here on The Homestead, we think we’re pretty well placed with a our paddocks and animals around us, the freezer still holding a good few potential meals, and quite the To-Do list.

Two of our number have jobs classed as “essential” while The Goat Herd is now working from home and Farm Girl has two weeks left of her school term. Yep, here at the Union Homestead School for Colourful Thinkers, every day’s a school day.

So, from our place to yours, we send you keep well wishes. Let’s do this properly so we can get back to normal as soon as possible.

We’re not sure we like this.

15 thoughts on “Lock-down

  1. Great to read your post and know that we are all in it together supporting each other as best we can. Keep well, you and your family and look forward to better times ahead.

  2. For homesteaders, the various versions of lock down have not bee all bad – more like an opportunity to get on with The List and not have to worry about droppers in – hence leaving the seed trays on the dining room table becomes normal. I could get used to this…except for the threatening aspect of it all :(. Stay well friends.

    • All that uninterrupted time is the silver lining. Love that you have seed trays on your table. When this is all over, dont feel you have to clear them away when I pop in for a cuppa ❤

  3. I’m sure you will all find stuff to do, my daughter was just about to start her final high-school exam when we where locked down, enjoy family and farm time and stay safe

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