Everywhere you look at on the Homestead the moment stuff is growing. Miss a day feeding out (everyone’s allowed a sleep-in) and it’s like the lambs have gained another couple of centimetres on their Mums

but Sapphire still towers over all

and in Goatopia, Leia’s kids are practically independent, only needing the reassurance of Mum when subjected to close attention

Sandra has the same temperament as her lovely mother, Leia

although some relish the limelight.

Meet Walt. After many buckets of tears, sulks, grumps, and finally well thought out, planned debate (prefaced with the apparently inarguable phrase, “Nikita thinks it’s a good idea!” ) Farm Girl won a freezer reprieve for this little scallywag. She’s talking about teaching him to pull a cart – as if we weren’t weird enough…

Kiki’s New Years Day babies are infants no more and we spend way to much time playing Chicken or Rooster at their enclosure

Three of six of what we think is a fifty-fifty rooster/hen split

while one-of-the-Sylvia’s (all our Light Sussex girls share the same name) and Peter have proven, after a shaky, Darwinian themed start, they are pretty good parents to their brood of three robust survivors.

Sylvia and Peter ignore the paparazzi while the chicks wonder what all the fuss is about

After a bit of internet research and a book or two, we’ve decided to give gardening by the moon a serious try. It suits our time management to have set tasks for each week, determined by the moon’s phase, and it’s definitely working.

This may be because there’s more structure to our gardening so that weeding and maintenance gets a time-slot in the gardening calendar rather than just happening when you can no longer see the vegetables, either way we’re counting it as a success.

Yep, down on the Homestead right now it’s all about growing; in the paddocks, the gardens, the beehive, on the trees of the shelterbelt…and in our love for this place we’ve washed up.

23 thoughts on “Growing

  1. There is a lot of enthusiasm for the moon method. I will be interested to see how you find after a longer test. I think that you are right about having a regular routine though so perhaps any method will do if it is applied with care.

  2. Every henhouse needs its paparazzi its too cute to resist. I have always wondered if the moon gardening works be great to hear your continuing success. There are wonderful benefits to a goat & buggy, friends of ours have done it with their goats in the past & an elderly neighbour friend often comes over with his Shetland pony & buggy he often gets stopped & asked for a photo, he’s been to a few children’s parties & even taken people with disabilities often for a few pennies in his pocket not that he ever asks for it. So many benefits to having such an array of livestock.

    • Chicks are definitely so cute…and they grow up sooo fast. I’ll try to remember to keep a proper record of the moon gardening results for y’all. You make the goat and buggy semi reasonable …thanks for that!

  3. Such a great update on all the farmy stuff. Laughed about FG’s reprieve for Walt. It will be interesting to see how the cart works out. The idea of using the goat and cart for photo ops has possiblities – you may yet have a goat in the A & P! I’ve heard many people in favour of planting by the moon phases – something to do with moisture content in the soil at certain phases – but not any of the other things that one does in a garden, although I feel like the biodynamic people have a whole system worked around it too don’t they?

    • It has a lot to do with gravitational pull too…stuff that the resident engineer isnt totally sold on😁 either way, the gardens looking happy! As for Walt, he has FG’s heart firmly in the palm of his hand..ah…hoof 🤣

  4. This sounds so good! The photos are proof that all is very well at the Homestead.
    My grandfather (born 1898) grew up in Bermondsey, just south of the R. Thames in London where his family ran a whitening yard. He had a goat cart (when he was about Farm Girl’s age) in which he ‘cut a dash’ and seems to have impressed my grandmother.

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    This blog bumped into me (in a good way). I really like the blogger and their blog, so thought I’d share. There’s some great photos, and I love how they are documenting what they are doing. Could be one to follow ?

    Maybe we’ll get a guest post out of them (I have asked) … watch this space 🙂

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