“Honey For Nothing” – Guest Blogger – UnionHomeStead.com — Don Charisma

This week I had the absolute honour of being asked to guest post on the awesome Don Charisma’s blog. This is the result. Check out his posts if you’re after a well-researched, unbiased, intelligent view of all the big issues – and some pretty cool guest blogs, too 🙂

UnionHomeStead and I had some chats recently. I visited them on my “day off” and really liked their blog. Sorry I don’t know all your names, and it’s no worries, in these days where privacy is rare 🙂 (Google and FaceBook I’m looking at you) They are Kiwis from New Zealand, running a smallholding, growing […]

“Honey For Nothing” – Guest Blogger – UnionHomeStead.com — Don Charisma

10 thoughts on ““Honey For Nothing” – Guest Blogger – UnionHomeStead.com — Don Charisma

  1. Wow – that was adventurous of you! And a lovely post with insights into the Homesteaders that were news to me, and I’ve been hanging around you for a while :). I just made the decision last summer to stop buying “fast” fashion and have begun keeping a more regular eye out at the local thrift shop, with some good results. You already know I’ve jumped on the reduce plastic bandwagon and have begun badgering my family regarding their purchasing habits. So I’m super happy to find that I do in fact have some good company in all this, people I know. Because even though I follow some amazing people out on the web (Treading My Own Path, Zero Waste Chef, Sustainable Ish) they’re all rather “big” and famous-ish. And now you’ve put me onto another amazing blogger, thank you!

    • I’m glad we can still surprise you 🤣 The whole “guest” thing was a bit (lot) scary but Im really glad I did it. Don Charisma is definitely worth following…for someone who doesnt watch/read mainstream news, its a great way to get balanced information

  2. I enjoyed your guest post on the Charismatic One’s blog! Very impressive! I followed him for some time when I first began blogging but somehow or other I stopped and had forgotten all about him untiI saw him here.

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