Sage Words – Among the Wildflowers

After Farm Girls goat paddock daisy chain incident of last week


Yes, we are unashamedly re-posting the photo because it made our hearts sing

this weeks Sage, The Goat Herd, was reminded of the words of one of her favourite sages, Mr Tom Petty.


Here on the Homestead, we’re all realistic enough to know you can’t spend all your hours hiding from your troubles and worries among the wildflowers, either literally or figuratively. Being part of the real world means you have to get out into the fray and being human means that your will have your fair share of worries and troubles.


Like whether your chocolate and orange Battenburg Cake has worked – ungrounded fear as it turned out!

We do, however, believe wholeheartedly that everyone needs a place they can hang out without question and be themselves without apology; Everyone deserves their own wildflowers hideaway.

Today is Nana’s 80th birthday. Alzheimers has her very firmly in its horrid grip and she spends a lot of her time snoozing now.


Dancing among the wildflowers.

14 thoughts on “Sage Words – Among the Wildflowers

  1. Hi, I am happy to say it is possible to hide among the wildflowers at present as the surrounding bushland is colourful with early spring wildflowers, wattle and grevilleas. It is a treat to head off into the bush for an hour or so.
    I am sure it was a treat to eat the chocolate and orange cake made by the Goat Herd.

  2. I didn’t miss this one, just didn’t really know what to say (me without words?:)). Being a human in the real world sucks sometimes. Watching someone so full of life and style and grace and personality slowly dissolve into Alzheimers is one of those times. So not fair. However, I’m glad there are pictures and memories to get you through the dark places of this part of the journey, and the tight knit family that you clearly are. A splendid legacy in which Nana herself undoubtedly played no small part.

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