Mama Mia; It’s Farm Girl’s Birthday!

No Sage Words this week as the Homestead pantry is crammed full of treats on account of Farm Girl’s anniversary of another time around the sun. Yep, she’s eleven years old and now presents reflect her passions: a riding helmet, a magazine subscription, a long hankered for CD…


and this little lady. The lamb now known as Ivy had been hiding out at the Kingdom Melton (West) with her brother (who remains unnamed for obvious reasons) in the care of The Princess and family awaiting the big day. Farm Girl now has her hands full bottle feeding the orphans and attempting to amalgamate two flocks. Good things take time…


and Eleanor, the original helicopter parent, is not impressed with the interest her sweet, little lad is showing in these rough-housing ratbags.

We channeled Rubeus Hagrid for party planning


but Harry, Hermione, Ron, and friends were bypassed when it came to the big ticket item


then it was into town for another viewing of the Farm Girl’s favourite feel-good fun movie, Mama Mia; Here We Go Again, and dinner at Casa Nostra of which no photos exist because we were all too busy partying.

Unfortunately, the Birthday Girl has now been laid low by a post-party bug so what was meant to be a grand finale picture of her bottle-feeding Ivy has been replaced by a red-nosed, pale-faced, but every-much-as-lovely eleven year old who has ventured out of bed for the first time in two days but still managed to smile for the camera for the sake of a readable blog.


Mama Mia, she’s a trooper!

19 thoughts on “Mama Mia; It’s Farm Girl’s Birthday!

  1. Happy Belated Farm Girl! Sounds like the birthday was celebrated in grand style, and I’m super impressed with orphan lambs as a birthday present. When do I get mine? Riding helmet! That sounds like riding lessons are being persevered with despite tumbles. Well done. I also get to finally say that I know the music we’re talking about on this blog :). Yup, I was a die hard Abba fan back in the day…

  2. ABBA and Harry Potter, the best kind of mash up. Wow where did those 11 years go! I’m pretty sure I didn’t get 11 years older in that time. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Looking forward to catch up soon.

  3. Hi, There was lots to celebrate on Farm Girl’s birthday. Her 11th year was full of adventure (an overseas trip) and major life changes (moving house, town, city to country) I wish Farm Girl all the best for her 12th year.

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