8 thoughts on “Kinda Laidback

  1. Nice! My own backyard is my favorite place to be. It borders a small forest, green, lovely, and mysterious.

  2. no poisonous serpents in NZ, though, right? That is a pretty awesome view, I agree. What is that white expanse to the right of the cuppa? And who is going to pull out the fiddle come sunset? Looks like there is plenty of space for a hoe down.

    • No actual serpents, thank goodness. The white is the roof of the outbuilding in our yard. This new homestead is quite odd in that the house is right in the middle of the land; mostly the houses are build to the front of the property to keep building costs down (drainage, electricity etc)
      And funny you ask re the fiddle as The Farmer, in his youth, was quite the fiddle player and as for a hoe down…our new living room lends itself very prettily to that idea…all exposed beams and lots of floor space. Yee Harr!! 🙂

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