Farm Folk

Impatient soul that I am, have to keep reminding myself that it has only been a fortnight since we became rural residents; Rome wasn’t built in a day (and I still have to tell you about part of our Grand Tour – add that to the list) and all that.


Even on a grey day, we love our yard

Inside the house, things are starting to take shape; we’re starting to refine the layout of the kitchen cupboards and hang a few pictures. Farm Girl School is back up and running again with a great deal of lessons undertaken in the throne haggled from the Duke of Melton (West).


Comfort and Style!

On Thursday, we managed to cobble things together enough to allow the Homestead to truly get up and running:

the animals moved in!

Change effects everyone differently, and none more so than Mel the Cat who has decided to squash all talk of a canine taking up residence in her own quirky way. Her days are now filled with border control, animal wrangling, and spying things the blundering humans have missed.


Always on guard, every inch of her conveying the old adage Why Keep a Dog and bark yourself When You’ve Got a Cat!

13 thoughts on “Farm Folk

  1. Cats and change are never a good combo. Our ancient (18 yr old) cat held on for another three years when we got our dog – we feel out of sheer hatred, determined to outlive the enemy. It didn’t work out in her favour, but she never gave up :). Keep dreaming of that dog…

  2. Hi, I can see the goats are loving their new domain, the poultry are thrilled with their expanded estate and Mel is busy securing her new territory from marauding feline interlopers.
    Apart from acquiring more animals to populate your new principality, I guess that sometime in the future, you will be pegging out the new veggie patch and debating where the orchard will be planted.
    So many things to do, such a long list to tick off. Have fun!

    • It feels very strange buying our vegetables. I very much look forward to getting the garden sorted….and the goats appropriately penned in…and our sheep onsite…and milking up and running…and…and…and… Fun and frightening too 😊

    • We were very surprised at how easily the animals settled in. Although we have very “beefy” electric fences (which scare me if I’m being honest), we have not had to use them for the goats. One zap was enough to make them wary of the boundaries and give them a wide berth!

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