Hear that Ticking?

It’s a new setting, but it seems the Perpetual Garden Clock ticks just as loudly here as in New Brighton – and today something had to be done about it.


The stakes a slightly higher here. Firstly, someone who really knew what they were doing set this garden up. We really have the potential to muck up something beautiful here. Also, the current garden is 90% pretty, 10% tasty; motivation may prove to be a problem in time. But the biggest issue is, not having planted the garden, we have no idea what plant is toxic and what prunings are safe for the critters to chop, peck and ruminate over.

Ah well, every day’s a schoolday.

14 thoughts on “Hear that Ticking?

  1. Wow, that is a lot more grass to mow/graze than you had at the old homestead – did you even need a mower there? Yes, I see the dilemma with clippings/weeding and the goats – I guess compost. All part of the adventure!

  2. My husband loves ‘his’ ride-on mower – I have never had to use it! He does go a little fast at times and mows things he shouldn’t; barricades of canes round precious plants, for example!
    Finding out what is growing in a new garden takes time.

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