The Force is Strong In This One

Thursday was a very special day!

Elsie bday1.JPG

The 10th Birthday to our very own Farm Girl.

With her Disney Birthday Button firmly attached, ensuring she was delivered a Dumbo-sized heap of Magical Kingdom birthday wishes throughout the day, we trotted off  to a morning of fun rides


With the highlight being the fulfilling of a long time wish:


Jedi training! This proved rather timely as, not long after, she was called on to battle the baddest of them all!


Understandably tired after defeating Darth, she received special birthday girl transportation back to the hotel for a swim and a rest


before heading back to check it all out in the dark.

Elsie bday6.JPG

The day was rounded off with a slice of Coco’s Chocolate Cream Pie and another hearty verse of the appropriate song.


Happy Birthday, Farm Girl

20 thoughts on “The Force is Strong In This One

  1. Happy Birthday Elsie!! It looks like you are having a grand time!!

    Just wanted to let you know that all seems well on the Homestead. I keep wanting to poke my head over and check that they are doing everything right – and I thought that if I was having those feelings then potentially you might want a little animal update. I did the feeding out on Friday night/Saturday morning and all was well – goats are happy; one of your chickens was very broody so on Saturday morning I risked being pecked and moved her out of her box to reveal 14 eggs 🙂 She wasn’t very happy with me but then went off for a feed so she can’t have been too put out.

    Hope you all continue to have a magnificent time. I’ll keep you randomly updated

    x Sarah


    • Thanks so much for the update. Guess the egg sitter is Kiki…little black bantam…so glad to hear our Goat girls are happy. They would have loved Anaheim…ivy everywhere 😊 x from us all nursing various degrees of jet lag at the old fire house at st Margaret on cliffe

  2. Such fun! Strangely, neither of my daughters wanted to hit double digits! They thought with great age they would have to assume great responsibilities. 🙂 I am so pleased Farm Girl had such a special day xx

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