When You Wish…

Finally, via Fiji for refuelling, we’re here.


Ready for day one in the Magical Kingdom.


While some time was spent relighting memories from our previous trip 17 years ago

lots of new memories were made today.

The Princess got her dreamed-of holiday snap,


Farm Girl met one of her all-time heroes,


and many rides were earmarked worthy of another spin, despite the weariness of our feet.


Tomorrow Farm Girl turns 10, although her birthday is almost over back on the Homestead.  She’s hoping to spend it conquering the Disney mountains…and working her way through another helping of Coco’s double chocolate cream pie.


6 thoughts on “When You Wish…

  1. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful first day. Impressed that Bean Counter went on the teacups – my hubby hates spinning rides as they make him queasy. Tower of Terror, no problem, tea cups – not so much :). What a way to celebrate a decade of living – Happy Birthday Farm Girl!

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