Sage Words -Listening to Laura

It’s been a while since our Sage Words celebrations were little more than a rushed cup of coffee together and the unveiling of a chosen phrase. This week signalled a return to the norm with cinnamon toast a la Farm Girl and plenty of time to dally.

We were initially flummoxed by her choice of quote but she was well able to explain her thinking.


There is no great loss without some small gain ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

Dave’s death left us feeling very sad; it was, indeed, a great loss and one we still feel keenly.


Meet Xanthe, yes we are up to X in our naming,

But it opened the Homestead to a gain in the shape of Miss Xanthe.

Hopefully her arrival will result in the departure of recent feed-bag-gnawing visitors, in reality no small gain, and Farm Girl’s quote will prove true.

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17 thoughts on “Sage Words -Listening to Laura

  1. I hope Miss Xanthe turns out to be a dedicated mouser although I know you will have no say in this matter. My two cats are at opposite ends of the hunting spectrum – one hunts with enthusiasm whilst the other much prefers to lounge in the sun. Whichever way it goes, I am sure Miss Xanthe’s feline presence will be a positive contribution to the Homestead household.

  2. I like Farm Girl’s thoughtful quote very much. I hope Xanthe settles in well and rids you of your gnawing guests! My mother’s cat has spent the summer eating baby bunnies and is looking sleek and fat. He’s probably got roundworms too and will need a tablet if we can catch him!

  3. How did you land on Miss Xanthe as a name? I’m not sure I can even pronounce it…she looks lovely – I sense from that face a certain self confidence very necessary in a good cat. Dalliance – glad you got it back.

    • Xanthe pron. Zan thee. We were up to X and it was that or Xena and every kiwi knows there can be only one Xena: Lucy Lawless šŸ˜Š so far she is displaying a confidence Mel the cat elder fonds downright disrespectful šŸ˜Š Early days…

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