Sage Words -Fun

It was The Renovator’s turn as Mein Host this week; the blue cheese scones went down a treat and Coolio’s words were declared ‘bang-on’ by all attending.

FullSizeRender (8).jpg

So much so, in fact, that when a quick consultation with Mr Google revealed low tide was imminent, a seize-the-moment stroll in the briny breeze was proposed. It is a firmly held Homestead belief the best beach to walk on is found in the two hours either side of low tide. A beach needs to be wide enough to accommodate every Homesteader’s idea of fun.

Some of us walk down the dunes and onto the pitch at Anfield/Stamford Bridge/Camp Nou, others are centre stage at Woodstock circa 1969 and we currently have one whose gymnastic aspirations could never be contained by your average gymnasium (thanks Simone Biles). Then there’s those who just want to amble,  shoes off and trousers rolled, chewing the fat or lost in thought, but sure in the knowledge they will not be swept up in the soccer/crowd surfing/ribbon twirling of other’s idea of fun. Sadly, this time no one’s idea of fun was taking a photo but “here’s one we prepared earlier”, as they say on all the best cooking shows; an example of our idea of the best sort of beach.

2014-11-22 12.02.30.jpg

That’s us – being way more pedestrian than usual

Ideas on what fun is differ greatly but there are some things we all agree on: wide beaches rock, and a walk is not a walk unless it culminates at a cafe. This time it was newly opened Hector’s in Brighton who cared not a jot that we came in clutching a hastily dusted off soccer ball.

Hector Cafe New Brighton

To finish up and to make up for the lack of personalised photography, here’s a quick glimpse of some four-legged Homesteader’s idea of fun


which just goes to show that fun comes in all shapes and sizes.

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