Sage Words -Cure-All

There are some folk who revel in new beginnings; then there’s the rest of us. Now, before you go thinking we’re all a bunch of play-it-safe-ers, let us make it very clear that we don’t let that discomfort at the thought of change get in the way of actually going through with it. It’s just, were you to ask, we’d say, “No, we’re not big on embracing vaults into the unknown.”

All this by way of explaining that tomorrow will see us, The Dee’s, Nana and The Homestead, charging down the figurative runway, pole poised and eyes on the bar, hoping that we have what it takes to clear the bar and nail the landing as well (yes, it’s Diamond League time again 🙂 ). Because after six or so weeks of shared custody, Nana is moving into her new home and tomorrow she becomes a resident of Thorrington Village. Thorrington is not one of those  flashy, sparkly, polished Aging Palaces which is probably why Nana felt at ease to give it the nod. Instead it’s homely and cosy and a little sun-faded at the edges with a piano in the lounge, happy hour on a Friday, and roast pork on the menu. 

We’re going to miss having Nana – with her wonderful stories, hilarious asides, and creative manipulation of the English language – on The Homestead. We’re not going to miss the moments of utter terror, frantic desperation, heart-wrenching despair, or shameful revulsion; we’re very happy to hand these over to people whose job it is to know what they’re doing rather than making it up as they go along.  Here’s hoping that Thorrington will welcome Union Homestead into their community as well as Nana because we’re now a package deal.

Sunday Morning Tea this week, hosted by The Goat Herd, was homemade pecan pie, made with the walnuts that plummeted into the goat paddock from Margaret Back-Fence’s landmark tree and some of our precious cajeta supply. 

The words she unveiled sum up the last six weeks of Homestead life.


Cookies – a wonderful cure-all; they should be available on prescription!

18 thoughts on “Sage Words -Cure-All

  1. Given the quote, I’m surprised Goat Herd didn’t produce a batch of cookies, but I have to admit, pecan pie made with home grown walnuts and your amazing cajeta sounds pretty darn delicious – albeit a bit “parsnip surprise-ish” :).

    So glad to hear you’ve found a suitable care situation for Nana – not an easy thing to do, I know. The website makes it sound quite nice, so hopefully she’ll settle in and get comfortable.

    • The whole “parsnip surprise” concept sums the entire Homestead up quite well lately. Nothing is quite what it seems 🙂
      We hope it all works out well; she’s certainly very positive about it.

  2. Hi there. Have been thinking about you all weekend and trying to get my head above the pile of mid year test marking to give you a ring and see how things are ticking along then in comes the union missive with sage advice regarding the ingestion of medicinal cookies. Love it! In fact had to have dose today washed down with restorative beverage at our local clinic. Will definitely have to have a catch up in the next couple of weeks. Hope all goes well, will be sending some good vibrations your way.

  3. No matter how good the good times are, if you are suffering and struggling through the bad times it is time to hand things over to the professionals. I hope the move goes smoothly and you all settle down again quickly. The nearly-pecan pie sounds wonderful!

  4. I am sure that you picked a good place for her and that she will be happy. Love the quote! Sometimes you just need a good cookie. 🙂

  5. Hi, I am sure Thorrington Village will welcome the ongoing family involvement in Nana’s life. I have taken my dog, Katie, into nursing homes when visiting elderly family and friends. I wonder if visits by goats or baby chickens would be ok?

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