Sage Words -Wisdom in a Toga

It was the The Milk Maid’s turn, this week, to host morning tea. Inspired by  our whirlwind visit to Mount Olympus via Hercules reruns and Farm Girl’s quick glimpse at the country of Greece, the Oracle of Delphi (or Google) was consulted for a suitable phrase.


Epicurus may well have been watching over us recently; we were all in need of rehearing this sentiment.

But what, we pondered as we dabbed the chocolate fondue from chins and shirt fronts (a wonderful geographical juxtaposition, don’t you think?!) were deemed controllable and what could we disregard? Back to the Oracle we strode and it was Epictetus who answered this time.


It’s all pretty simple when you see it spelt out in black and white.


11 thoughts on “Sage Words -Wisdom in a Toga

  1. Simple when spelled out?? Your IQ clearly out weighs mine by more than a kilogram. I have read and reread…very hard work in the morning. But I have no doubt you know perfectly well how to apply this in your daily life! Xo Johanna

    • Oh, Johanna, I didn’t mean to overwork you with my ambiguous post :). As far as I could see it just meant there’s some things you can change and some stuff you can’t so don’t sweat it. xxx Sharon

  2. It’s a little annoying that they have such similar names if you ask me, but once I got that out of my head, I was able to absorb the message. Sounds to me as though FG’s homeschool is a school for all the Homesteaders, not to mention us hangers on 🙂

    • It reminds me of when The Farmer was at school at it seemed every second friend bought home to play was called Cameron or Caleb and all of them had blond bowl cuts…very confusing!
      Farm Girl’s schooling is far reaching…I love it!

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