Sage Words -Snug on Saturday

Our recent viewing of Stephen Hawkings’ story, The Theory of Everything, inspired The Farmer this week.


It also inspired him culinarily to combine a lolly cake base with a chocolate mousse topping. The result? A decadent and delicious treat that you won’t see in any recipe books but was possible, none the less.

Not that long ago, we were chewing our nails over the prospect of adding Nana to the Homestead mix. How would this chaotic swirl of energy and chaos suit her? How would we cope with her needs? How could a lady who heads to bed at seven each evening settle in a home where people are still gossiping and guffawing in the wee small hours?


Turns out that, as long as everyone cares enough about something, anything is possible.

It’s a brisk old Saturday morning, football has been cancelled as all the grounds have been closed, but inside we’re sitting snug. The Everly Brothers are singing about girls called Suzy and Cathy and Ebony Eyes, the fire’s stoked up…


and The Bean Counter’s making sure we’re not going to cool down anytime soon. 

That he was singing “Bird Dog” as he swung the axe is something we’ll keep to ourselves 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Sage Words -Snug on Saturday

    • The woodpile is The Bean Counter/s pride and joy. We’ve had a very wet week so far so it will be interesting to see whether the powers that be open the grounds or hold off for another week.

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