With Winter Drawing in…

Mel reckons some days it’s best to just roll over, draw up the duvet, and dream of Chelsea’s glory days.


Please note the majority of Homesteaders frown on the whole cat-in-the-bed thing but, when they discover the sneaky feline, find it difficult not to go, “Naawww”.

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10 thoughts on “With Winter Drawing in…

  1. New look! Wow!
    The things I don’t know about football swag…who knew you could get bedlinens to match your loyalty πŸ™‚
    I agree, cats always know how to make themselves comfortable.

    • As the rain lashed down last night, just for a moment the possibility of bringing the ladies inside twinkled in my mind. No need though, they were curled up snugly in their houses this morning and not at all keen to head to the milking stand.

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