And When the Shopping’s Done…

it’s Crema time!


Sausage roll, tomato sauce and a hearty debate on whether Psyche was worth Eros’ effort.  

Go Homeschool!

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12 thoughts on “And When the Shopping’s Done…

  1. So was she worth it?
    Here, tomato sauce is seldom served in a little dish/pot – well sometimes. In fancy places. Mostly, the plastic bottle is put on the table in the middle. People here eat a lot of it. We were fascinated that it is rationed in NZ. You’re probably better for it, too.

    • Opinion was divided. FG felt that her peeking in the box when specifically told not to rendered her too high maintainence 😊
      As for tom sauce: interesting. We tend to think ourselves rather uncouth over our national love affair with the stuff hence the refined little jars when in public…they can be refilled a great many times on request. We keep the squeezy plastic bottle for our own tables ☺ Does this mean we are more refined than our Canadian cousins ir just more uptight?😀

      • haha… wouldn’t want to admit that Kiwis are more refined than us, but I have to admit that you lot are definitely LESS uptight than us – consider Elbowgate in our news right now (you might have to google) – just how many times can a government apologize before moving on to actually governing?

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