Art of the Homestead

We call it Sunrise on a Tangled Gate…


or What happens when you neglect to heed your mother’s words to always snib back the gate before entering the driveway, even if it doesn’t seem to be a particularly windy day.

Like all installation art, it just depends on your perspective.


6 thoughts on “Art of the Homestead

    • To be fair, the gates are aluminium and very light and the merest hint of a breeze moves them. This time it did so just as the truck zipped between them – the truck deck sticks out a little way… I can see the funny side of it…now

  1. I hate wind, the door to my rubbish cupboard blew open in the strong winds wee have here nowadays and I had to make a home made fastening with a long screw and some string, no no.8 fencing wire being available!

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