Sage Words Sunday -Shooting for Goal

As you, our lovely readers, have probably determined from the amount of woe-is-me posts penned by the Homestead of late, we’ve had our recent fair share of challenges. Some of them we’ve whined on about at length (and we’re not revisiting them again, we promise) while others we’ve kept to ourselves as we percolated, pondered and perpended. 


As we munched our way through The Milk Maid’s interpretation of Cheese Rolls (tip: ditch the reduced cream/onion soup in favour of cream cheese, blue cheese, our very own mozzarella, and a touch of grated onion)  with The Eagles Greatest Hits 1971-1975 playing in the background, we considered this week’s Sage Words and we’re blown away at how quickly the blessings bubbled to the fore.

Today’s chosen soundtrack is as good a place as any to start. With the recent death of Glenn Frey it was not surprising it was an Eagles’ song that got us out of an earlier, blog documented goatie scrape. What we didn’t expect was Farm Girl’s total infatuation with that early Eagles sound which resulted in the very album The Milk Maid sold as a vinyl LP a great many years ago as she never got to listen to it (such was The Bean Counter’s loathing of it) is now enjoying a Homestead revival despite his questionable musical taste. Isn’t safety in numbers wonderful!

Farm Girl’s education hoo-hah (that’s all we’re saying *mimes locking lips and throwing away the key*) has caused a great deal of sleepless nights and hair tearing, but blessing number two was obvious in this week’s series of revisited tests. Not only is she learning in a way that makes sense to her while respecting the effects of visual fatigue, she’s also loving it. Spelling tests where the supporting sentences reflect what’s happening in her own backyard? You can’t beat it!

Mona Elsie.jpg

Recently we hosted the inaugural Union Homestead Preparatory School and Home for Colourful Thinkers IEP  – such a different affair to that earlier experience – and one goal identified was a weekly blog by this esteemed establishment’s sole pupil. This blog is now up and running; if you’re interested in seeing the Homestead from a different angle please let us know and we’ll happily invite you to view the pearls penned on the (for obvious reasons) restricted site. 

By far the biggest, scariest, angriest demon we’ve been dealing with lately has been that of The Elders health. With Auntie Trish’s return to her home across the ditch, it has become obvious Nana and Grandad can no longer remain living alone in their own home. Making such a decision is huge; the incidents that lead to the realisation are scary and frustrating and, above all else, sad. It’s hard to see bright lights in such dark clouds, but the closeness, respect, caring and – I’m just going to say it, guys – love that The Bean Counter and his siblings are demonstrating both for their parents and each other while they negotiate the hows, wheres and whens definitely falls into the blessing category.

Chris's 21st.jpg

A photo not taken yesterday – what a team.

It’s been a hard start to 2016 for Union Homestead, but we’re lifting our heads, sucking it up, and heading back to the centre circle; like Liverpool in this weeks Europa League, we’re shooting for goal! 

16 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday -Shooting for Goal

  1. May I be signed up for FG’s blog? I would love to see her perspective!

    I’ve read about cheese rolls (those Mills and Boons years ago), but just assumed they were buns with shredded cheese mixed into the dough, like scones only bread-ish. So now I know differently. And your version sounds fabulous. Do you have to get store bought bread to make it roll OK? There was a church tea item very popular in my childhood (and now not so much), which was similar, only awful – crustless white bread spread with cheese whiz (do you have it in NZ – horrible stuff), with a spear of canned asparagus in the middle, rolled up and sliced into bit sized pieces. Canned asparagus – what a waste of good asparagus.

    You have been going through the wars a bit this year, as my Dad would have said. So glad you have strong family connections to share the load. .

    • And to think we were berated for “wasting our time reading that rubbish” – what a wealth of knowledge the humble Mills and Boon held 🙂 Ah, asparagus rolls. Actually I’m a bit of a fan, but none of that cheese whiz/spread rubbish – just a spread of butter and a good sprinkle of pepper and multiple spears of preferably fresh asparagus. And definitely not cut – what’s that about?
      I don’t know about home made bread for the cheese roll – certainly not mine 🙂

  2. I am glad that the education is going well in spite of all the obstacles that have been thrown in your way by the caring professions. Can I test out the new blog too or am I disqualified on account of having been a school teacher?

  3. I am so sorry you are having such a difficult time. It is hard not to feel guilty and inadequate when our parents need more help than we can give them but I am sure the strong capable people the BC’s parents once were would understand and sympathise.
    Farm Girl’s love of early Eagles music must be a great comfort to you! You sold your LP! What a sacrifice you made for the love of the BC! 😉

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