Sage Words Sunday -Sea Shepherd

The Farmer is generally pretty mild-mannered. He prefers to give confrontation and animosity a wide berth and isn’t one to rise to mischief making provocation. There was a time, however, when we feared that our easy-going bloke-about-Homestead had found something he deemed  so intolerable he would march, or rather sail, off to war to put an end to it. At the age of sixteen, The Farmer discovered Sea Shepherd and began counting down the days to his eighteenth birthday, the day he could apply for a place on one of their Operations.

Usually I pen these posts on behalf of the entire Homestead. Today I write as a mother who, while being incredibly proud my son was ready to lay himself on the line (and under the bow of an unfriendly, irate foe) for something he believed in passionately, was equally very afraid. 

Now, a good four years down the paid employment, fussy palate (Sea Shepherd boats are apparently vegan), and the lovely Princess Nikita track, he no longer wants to run away to sea with Captain Paul Watson. Rather he supports this cause he believes in so deeply in other ways; through purchasing merchandise, donations and the like. 

But still the unveiling of his choice of Sage Words (along with pikelets and nutella – one of his favourite treats) made my stomach give a little lurch.


Maybe I’m just taking the words a little too literally…it wouldn’t be the first time. What can I say, I’m a mother!

10 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday -Sea Shepherd

  1. The romantic fallacy if you ask me though as Susan says, very laudable in this case. I would say that you don’t want to die before you have found something worth living for.

  2. I understand and can relate to the lurch of a mother’s heart over this quote, but frankly, I read it as another way of saying “find your passion and live it out” or words to that effect. Then I thought about it some more and wondered if maybe it related to Princess Nikita? :).

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