Sage Words Sunday – Know-It-Alls

Have you ever wondered over the amount of “experts” there are in the world? Sometimes it seems, whatever project you’re setting out to cross off the list, whatever horrendous error you shamefacedly admit to making, whatever amazing breakthrough you triumphantly announce, there’s someone there to tell you what you’re doing wrong, marvel at your stupidity for even entertaining the idea that it would work, and telling you how you should be doing it.  

Then there’s the folk who earn their living protecting you from yourself. Generally they are known only by their first names (generally Cam, Kate or Matt in our experience), are “not permitted” to disclose their direct dial number for future consultation or (gasp) accountability, and never really stop talking long enough to get your story straight but are “one hundred and ten percent sure” it’s impossible (yes, I am still nursing a grudge, Ministry of Education).  Experts at keeping us all in line and manageable.

However, as a result of such recent events and in the midst of others not yet blogworthy, we’ve made one of those earth-shattering, head-clearing, break through discoveries we feel worth sharing. First a qualifier however: we are in no way telling you how to think,be, do or anything else. Promise. We wouldn’t dare and besides we know next to nothing.

But back to The Discovery (yes, it deserves capitalisation): While we have a great deal to learn, welcome advice, and love hearing from those who have been there and done that, none of them – not one single one of them – know us better than us. While we are novices at life in general, we are indeed experts at being us.

It was with this in mind that The Renovator served up Herb and Ricotta Scones, a “me against the world” soundtrack, and this weeks sage words.


There’s a time and place for a little self indulgence and wound licking.  Now on with our life!

9 thoughts on “Sage Words Sunday – Know-It-Alls

  1. This was discussed today “people who complain” i.e THE EXPERTS and have come up with – these are people who rarely stick their necks out but who try as much as possible to limit your enjoyment….when you do!

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